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Winter Clothing Ideas That Are Warm, Comfortable yet Fashionable


The chilly winter months would surely make you want to wear multiple layers of clothing just to keep warm. However, you may be worried about looking too bulky and unfashionable. With the right clothing match up, you can still be warm and comfortable during winter in a stylish way. Here are the best winter clothing materials that are fashionable and easy to layer with other garments.


The baselayer is one of the essential parts of winter outfit. It keeps the warmth in and maintains your comfortable temperature. Long underwear sets are a popular pick. They are simple enough to be worn under any clothing when going out yet can also be used on its own when you just want to keep warm at home. Merino wool and cashmere baselayers are popular among people because it is comfortable to wear and easy to maintain.


Shirts are perfect to be worn as a second layer of your winter outfit, next to the baselayer. Basic T-shirts are fine when the weather is not that cold. However, you can upgrade into long-sleeved ones when it gets too cold. Knitted ones provide better insulation and heat regulation because of its thickness. If you want a more versatile material that offers better movement range, flannel shirts are a great choice. You can wear them as an outer layer if it isn’t that cold or top it with a vest for more warmth.

Pullovers and Sweatshirts

If shirts aren’t enough to make you feel warm and comfortable during winter, try pullovers and sweatshirts instead. Fleece pullovers are sought after because aside from being a second layer, they can even be worn as the top layer depending on the temperature outside. If you want a more lightweight alternative, a sweatshirt would surely work best for you.

Winter Jacket

Of course, the main piece of your winter outfit is a high quality winter jacket. It serves as the outermost layer of you winter outfit. There are plenty of stylish options available in the market so you can always find one that suits your fashion taste. Some people choose neutral coloured ones because they are a lot easier to mix and match with other garments. However, others dare to be unique and choose bold coloured jackets so they stand out from the crowd. You can even choose from hooded or non-hooded ones depending on your preferences.

Lined Pants

Regular jeans and pants are not enough to keep your legs warm during this cold season. Lined pants are a perfect choice because of the extra warmth they provide. There are different lining materials to choose from such as fleece and wool. It depends on which one makes you feel comfortable when wearing it. You can wear these pants directly or over long underwear for extra warmth.

Knee-High Socks

Compare to regular cotton socks, wool socks effectively keep your feet warm and toast. Wool has anti-bacterial and anti-odour properties so you don’t have to clean or wash the socks frequently. Be sure to have multiple pairs ready to wear them in rotation.

Investing in good winter outfits can help you a lot during those winter days to come. Be sure to choose high quality ones so they would last a long time.

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