Fashion — May 31, 2018 at 2:46 pm

Why Investing In Sustainable Clothing Matters


What do you think is the whole cost of the attire that you are wearing right now? We are not talking about the dollars that you paid for it and how much impact it will have on our budget. There are other costs that are not spoken about in a price tag and the cost of this kind of attire if much higher than you would ever realize. In the recent past the world has turned a disapproving eye on apparel manufacturing that harms the environment or puts somebody at a definite disadvantage and as such more and more people have been focusing on sustainable attire. But why should you follow this too? What is in it for you? Here is why investing in sustainable attire is a definite advantage for you.

You Are Not Harming Another Person

One of the most important factors that often gets overlooked is that garments are often made in appalling working conditions for the workers themselves. There have been enough and more examples in history such as the controversial collapse of the garment factory in Dhaka in 2013 that took the lives of about 1100 workers and injured approximately 2500 more. Most of the time garments are also produced for mere pennies a piece in sweat shops that have underage children working in them and so on. While you are not directly responsible for any of this if you buy from an Australian ethical fashion brand in women’s clothing, you would also ensure that what you are wearing is made under proper conditions. The more that people discourage such low standards the more there will be prominence given to the actual value of the hard work of the people creating these designs.

You Are Not Harming The Environment

Did you know that each year millions upon millions of tons in textile waste is dumped into landfills all around the world where they just sit for years more because they are non-biodegradable? When it comes to manufacturing garments the easy way out would be to simply give into fast means that make more cash and dump everything that is leftover into a landfill. At that point when you buy something like this, you may not directly be harming nature but you are contributing unintentionally to something that could possibly be doing so. Even in food and any other household matter today we are being told to be eco-friendly because we have finally managed to tip the scales towards the point where global warming and climate change is changing our future for the worse. So if you can contribute towards preventing this in your own small way with the attire that you buy, would that not be something worthwhile?

You Are Not Harming Animals

Clothing that needs to kill or hurt animals and displace them from their natural habitat is basically cruelty to animals. The world of textiles has always been frowned upon for this. With new and innovative types of material coming up that does not hurt animals anymore, the choice is yours to make.

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