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Towel Shopping Tips: What Fabric Should You Look For?


A warm shower or bath is not complete without a soothing towel that will help you get dry. Whether you like towels in plain colours or in sketchy prints that define your personality, a bath towel is indeed a part of who you are. Even babies get to share their cute side with various designs of towels. No wonder towels have become one of the items that are best to give on a special occasions.

Typically, when people shop for towels, the two things they look at are the quality and the price. Aside from this, you should also focus on what fabric your cloth should be made of. Why is that? If you notice, towels are one of the items that always come in contact with your skin. Not all people have the same skin type. Some are sensitive that careless choice of towel fabric could affect their skin and can result in rashes. So before you buy a towel, make it a habit of seeing the labels of what material it is made of or better asking for assistance. To know what fabric suits your skin, here are the different kinds of material used in manufacturing towels.



Cotton is harvested from the cotton tree and is enclosed in a protective case called boll. It is one of the widely used fabrics because of its soothing feel and softness. This kind of fabric can adjust to any weather. When it’s hot, the fabric keeps the body fresh. And when the weather is cold, it keeps the body warm.


Wool is obtained from sheep and goats. It is found to be strong, soft to touch and durable. It doesn’t get wrinkle and is resistant to dust. And since it can effectively warm the body during cold weather, you can find this type of fabric as a beach blanket, carpet, and sweaters.


It is the alternative fabric to cotton due to the increasing price of the cotton fabric in the trade market. It is smooth and soft to touch. Sometimes, it is often mistaken as wool and silk because of its similar appearance. You can also encounter towels made from this fabric because like cotton, this is also absorbent and cool to wear especially during hot weather.



Compared to rayon and cotton, bamboo is more absorbent, soft and quick to dry. Because of its softness, bamboo baby towels are popular bath products. Since the baby skin is sensitive, bamboo is considered the best fabric for babies for its hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial properties. That’s why parents are rest assured that skin irritation is prevented.

These are the types of fabrics used in bath towels that you can find in the market today. Before you buy a towel as a gift, make sure that what you are buying is manufactured using high-quality fabric material. That’s because nowadays, lots of counterfeits are circulating the market that is heavily manufactured with chemicals. If you’re not sure with what you are buying, don’t be afraid to ask.

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