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Tips for Wearing Leggings When You Have a Curvy Body


Leggings can be a blessing or a curse depending on how you wear them. Just about any body type can pull off a pair of tights or leggings. But it can be slightly more challenging for women with curvy bodies, or rather, a heavy hipline. Leggings accentuate every bulge and line, especially if it pulls up against the groin. However, it’s possible to pull off a pair of leggings without looking like a horror show.

If you have a curvy body, here are several ideas for wearing plus size stockings, tights, or leggings:

Right Fit is Paramount

Here the ultimate secret to wearing leggings: choose the right size for your body shape. That means you should be able to wear the pair comfortably without experiencing any pinching. Needless to say, don’t wear leggings that are either too large or too small. Curvy women may buy leggings that fit a bit too tight hoping it might be slimming. It isn’t. Your outfit would just look ill fitting. The right size is essentially for pulling for all looks with leggings.

Choose the Right Colour

Once you have the size down, the next comes the colour. Dark coloured leggings are the best for any body shape. Black, brown, or dark grey shades can even be slimming. Red is all right, but only on certain occasions. Avoid wearing bright leggings. Overall, the shade of leggings should be toned down from the colour of the outfit, especially if you are wearing bright colours. Never mix and match shades for each leg on a pair. You would just look like a court jester from a Shakespearean play.

Be Picky about the Fabric Too

Most of us don’t think about what the leggings are made from when we buy a pair. But the fabric of your leggings can affect your appearance too. Leggings can look opaque or sheer depending on the fabric. In winter, you will find thicker fabrics that offer both practical and aesthetic benefits. Go with a cotton-blend fabric for the utmost comfort. Synthetics like polyester will keep you warm and looking great on colder days.

Mind the Thickness

Leggings shouldn’t be too sheer. That could make your look uneven and thus unsightly. If you want something sheer, go straight with stockings. Opaque leggings are fine, but in the summer, leggings that are too opaque may look like pants. Curvy ladies may prefer thick leggings anyway. The material would obscure any bulges and make the bottom half of your outfit look more even. You can choose the thickness depending on the rest of the outfit and the season. But in general, go for an opaque looks to avoid a stocking-like look.

Leggings are reliable outerwear that can be quite stylish if you wear them properly. Don’t do the same things you might have done in childhood, like wearing socks with leggings. Don’t forget that great leggings should be paired with a great top, too. Use these suggestions to pull together an outfit you can be proud of. The above tips should help you choose the right leggings that best complement your curvy body.

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