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Smart Ways to Reduce the Time You Spend Dressing for Work


Are you someone who spends a large amount of time dressing for work every morning? If so, the below tips are just for you.


Stop Pressing That Snooze Button

Rushed and hectic mornings generally begin with the snooze button being pressed one too many times. Stop pressing the snooze button. Go to sleep earlier than you usually do if you feel you’re not getting sufficient sleep. Avoid anything that will keep you up late at night; be it that it’s your phone, or drinking alcohol in the evenings. Wake up early, and take a moment to gather yourself. Roll out of bed when you feel properly awake. Failing that, give yourself a cold shower to jolt yourself awake.


Do the Planning the Night Before

One of the hardest tasks to do, and probably a task that consumes a lot of your time while getting dressed, is selecting what to wear. If your school or workplace happen to have a uniform, this will be taken care of. If not, consider doing the choosing the night before. Not only does it cut your time to get dressed shorter, it is also considered to be a method to make your mornings brighter and happier¾as decision making tends to irritate most people so early in the day.

Keep Your Choices Limited

Another method to help yourself cut short on the time you spend choosing your clothing, is to limit your choices. If you have 5 outfits to choose from, you’re hardly going to need to think things that thoroughly. Of course, change is necessary, so make sure to change out your outfit choices (by swapping parts of outfits with each other) at least once a month. Changing accessories can help achieve this as well. Pressing and hanging up your outfits ahead of time can also shorten your time spent on the clothing.


Consider Permanent Shortcuts

There are a few permanent shortcuts that you could consider if you want to take things one step above. For example, if you find it tiresome dealing with long hair every morning, consider cutting to a length that only requires running a comb through it. If you struggle with doing your brows every morning, then consider getting tattoo permanent makeup, taking away the necessity to do it every day. Remember that this is permanent, so not only should you take your time making your decision, you should also go to professionals who you’re sure of.

Practice and Perfect a Late Day Routine

Despite how well-meaning you are when sleeping early, and waking up early, there are going to be days in which you simply cannot avoid going out of your home late. Instead of struggling to go through your usual routine, and becoming miserably late for school or work, consider having yourself a “late day routine” that you use only for emergencies. Have an outfit that will not require any preplanning, and is easy to slip on. Practice an easy makeup routine. Opt for the taxies for just this day¾avoiding your usual public transport or even driving yourself and fighting to find a parking spot.

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