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Retirement Gift Ideas for Your Father or Father-In-Law


Heading for your retirement can be fun. Here are a few great retirement gift ideas for a father or father-in-law.


Set Their Retirement Off In Style by A Sending Them on A Luxury Golfing or Fishing Trip

Fun is something they might not have had time for in their busy life. This is especially true if they happen to have run their own business. Now that they are retiring, time is something they will have abundantly. Get a gift that will set their retirement off with an unbelievably special start. If they like fishing, send them on a luxurious fishing trip…perhaps even combined with a cruise. If your father or father-in-law prefers golfing instead of fishing, check out the latest tour options available at CGE golf. Not only will it be a great vacation, but they might even be able to make friends with a few like-minded people.

Help Them Get Healthier For Their Retirement

Getting healthy is not something that has an age or time limit. Now that they’re retiring, “no time to” is an excuse that’s going to expire very soon. Sending them for a health retreat could be a great gift. Apart from that, if their eating habits is a concern to you, you can even send them for a few cooking lessons. Cooking your own meals naturally makes you eat healthy. If you want to take it a step further, you can even pay in advance for a gym membership suitable for them. Add in a few quirky works out clothing and accessories, and your gift will be thoughtful and useful.


Funny Reminders of How Free They’re Going to Be after Their Retirement

Most of us spend all our life glancing at the clocks. Monday’s are our least favourite days, and Friday’s feel heaven sent some weeks. Fortunately, once we retire, this will change. Everyday is a Sunday. In this case, why not remind them of this fact? Get them a quirky t-shirt or coffee mug with a fun and funny quote on it. The best part about this is that you can custom make it; so you can make the quote personal¾which means you can use their favourite “I’m busy now” quote for this. You could even get them a day clock instead of an hour clock; as they’re no longer “on the clock”.

A Full Travel Accessory Gift to Encourage Them to Travel More

Travelling the world is a luxury we have access to now¾provided we have the money, and more importantly, the time. If your father or father-in-law has expressed a liking for travelling, or if they used to travel more in their youth, reintroduce them to this hobby. If it fits your budget, then consider starting off their travel hobby with their first trip. To accent it, or by itself, you can also gift them with all the travel necessities they will need to travel in style. From the right backpack with back support, neck support travel pillows, to even a travel coffee maker will be a great idea to add on to this gift.

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