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How To Improve Your Wellbeing During A Pregnancy


Having a baby is a monumental period in your life, that’s for certain. But a lesser acknowledged topic is the emotional wellbeing that it stirs upon in the mother-to-be. You’d think there’d be a lot of joy and wonder in bringing new life to the world, but the process is actually far more complex than that. Due to those intensive hormonal changes, chances are you’re going to feel much more stress and anxiety than you anticipated. Here’s what you need to do to manage these feelings:


Let’s start with the most basic- yet crucial- step. When parents find themselves overwhelmed by the pregnancy process, they often question themselves. Why can’t they enjoy this miraculous period of their life? You are not alone. There are plenty of other parents who have gone through the hardships of motherhood and know that it’s not always sunshine and daisies. Look for antenatal classes near you so you can form connections with them.


There are plenty of exercises you could be doing to get some endorphins into your system. Ultimately, you’ll find your mood is lifted and you’ll also find yourself sleeping better at night! So get yourself some loose-fitting maternity shorts/pants that don’t compress your figure and limit your movement and get started on some moderate exercising like swimming or walking throughout the week. This is a proven hack to lift anyone’s mood!

Breathing Techniques

Meditation or breathing techniques can be a really grounding factor during your pregnancy when everything gets too overwhelming. Just take some time off and practice your deep breathing or count your breaths. It helps all those negative emotions that are choking you subside to a more bearable level that will allow you to think more rationally on how to proceed with your day.

Connect With Baby

If you’re feeling uneasy about your pregnancy, taking a few minutes off each day to connect with the life within you might be a calming influence. You could just place your hands on your tummy, read a book or even just think aloud, it’s all valuable personal time that helps you feel better about yourself and at the end of the day, better about your baby as well.

Antenatal Birth Classes

Not only should you go for antenatal birth classes because it helps you strengthen your connections, but it also helps ease your anxiety if this is your first pregnancy. At antenatal birth classes, you’ll learn the ins and outs of birthing, including how to get ready for labour as well as how to manage the pain and the fears that come with it. You’ll find that as you learn more and more about your pregnancy and how to handle it, your anxiety will gradually decrease too.

Mental wellbeing is a fickle thing during this period but you must try your best to maintain it- not just for the sake of your little one but because your emotional health is important too. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with reaching out and talking about the hardships of pregnancy.

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