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Fun Tips for Throwing an Outdoor Themed Party Indoors


Here are a few fun tips to help you throw an interesting outdoor themed party; indoors…!


Select an Outdoor-Indoor Venue

As per your theme, you will have to bring the outdoors; indoors. In order to do that, you need to select a venue that is suitable for it. If you are planning on hosting your party in the comfort of your home, consider doing it in a space that at least has a balcony; creating that flow from the outdoors to the indoors. If you happen to want to hire a venue for it, we suggest hiring places like Ellis street studio in Melbourne; a warehouse venue that will definitely suit your theme.


Have It during the Daylight

In general, parties are most elegant when it is timed around the second half of the day. This gives you an excuse to use candles and string lights; which naturally creates a classy look. However, since it’s a more rustic, outdoorsy party that you’re aiming for, we suggest you do so in the daylight hours¾doing your best to make sure you use natural lighting as far as possible. Throw open those windows and invite the sunlight to play through your venue. You can use mirrors as part of your decorations to make sure that sunlight reaches all corners of your venue in the prettiest of ways…!

Plants, Flowers and Grass

Plants, flowers and grass play a vital role in the great outdoors. This makes it almost compulsory for to use them as part of your outdoor themed party indoors. Bring in potted plants to spruce up the event. Use fresh cut flowers and flower petals to liven then tables and give it a gentle fragrance. And while you cannot actually use grass as part of your decorations, artificial grass can work wonders as table runners. All you need to do is measure the right sizes. Pair these with the above mentioned mirror decorations and you have a keeper!


Use Outdoor Furniture to Highlight the Outdoors

Almost everyone prefers having a comfortable place to sit in when they socialize with likeminded people at events as such. And so, we generally make sure there’s plenty of option for our guest to choose from when it comes to seating. However, in order to keep with the theme, try to include a few outdoor furniture to the options as well. Garden benches, for example, work wonderfully when we try to seat a big amount of people. If it’s a more intimate party, then we suggest getting a few outdoor swing chairs, which are also commonly called egg chairs due to their shape.

Picnic and Finger Foods for the Win…!

Feeding your guests is part of your duty as a host. If you’re the host of a dinner party, then we suggest opting for outdoor recipes like barbeques to emphasize the theme. But if feeding your guests is not your priority, and you feel finger foods will work just as fine, we suggest you find appetizers that suit your theme. A simple Google search will give you plenty of ideas in regards to this…


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