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Every Girl’s Guide to Styling Up Comfy Clothes


If you love a simple, carefree fashion statement or just plain lazy to think of an outfit ensemble every time you leave the house, comfy clothes are your best go-to fashion pieces. There are plenty of ways to wear these clothes while still looking like as chic as possible. Keep these styling ideas in your mind if you’re heading out on one of your lazy days.

Button down Shirt and Wide Leg Pants

For office gals, this outfit will surely make you stand out among the rest of your officemates. Most people think that office wear is boring but that will never happen when you have this ensemble. A slouchy blouse paired with high-waist wide leg trousers does the trick. Buy thefable tops and wear it with your favourite bottom plus high-heeled shoes to get this easy to achieve look. Don’t forget to spice up your outfit by choosing bold prints and colours and stand out among the crowd.

Turtleneck and Jeggings

If you want to wear comfy clothes yet aiming for a sleek silhouette, this style idea is great for you. Turtleneck tops are comfortable to wear especially during winter because of the extra warmth it provides. Pair it with plain coloured jeggings to balance the relaxed look of your top. Tuck it in for a more sophisticated look or simply leave it as it is if you want to achieve a relaxed chic look. Try wearing contrasting colours to make your outfit more interesting.

Wrap Dress

Wrap dresses are back in popularity since last year. They are the most comfortable yet stylish dress you can almost wear on any occasion. Wrap dresses are best worn during spring and summer because of its design and type of fabric commonly used. Dresses with bold colours and prints are popular but there are some women who prefer a more neutral approach to their outfit. No matter what you choose, make sure to accessorize it with the right pieces to bring out the best in your outfit.

Graphic Tee and Jeans

Running out of time and fashion ideas before you go? This simple getup will surely make your day. Many women love wearing straight cut jeans because of its snug yet comfortable feel. They are also easy to match with any footwear you have. Make your outfit more interesting by wearing a statement or a graphic tee, hop on your sneakers and you’re ready to go.

Maxi Skirt, Tee and Jacket

Maxi skirts are popular for being one of the most comfortable clothing pieces ever. They are loose and flowy, perfect for those summer or spring day outs. Bold coloured and printed skirts are best worn with neutral coloured tops. You can wear it with a jacket for cooler days or as it is when worn during summer. Don’t forget to wear one statement accessory to add more style to your outfit.

Looking cosy and chic at the same time is possible when you have these tips and tricks on how to look the part.

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