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Cute Fashion Tips for the Prep in You


Everybody has a taste in fashion that makes them an individual. Your taste will contribute to building that part of your persona that a person sees when they see you for the first time. One of the most fun fashion avenues to explore is to create a preppy look that is also cute and flattering at the same time. Of course, this may not be to the tastes of everybody but the styles of today’s fashion world are created mostly by working on these preppy notes anyway. If you love to create a fun and preppy look that is also fresh always, here are some cute fashion tips that will come in handy for you.

Choose Pastel Shades and Fun Prints

One of the top tips that you need to follow if you want to create a look that is fun and interesting is to choose pastel shades and fun prints. Pastel shades are colours that are vibrant and look very refreshing. You should consider how you can match these colours to complement each other too. For example, you can match white with pretty much anything and the same goes for black shades. Nudes will work well with pastel pink, blues or green along with black and white too. However you should also make sure that these shades are flattering on your skin. When it comes to fun prints go for the doodle like art and abstract prints that also appear minimal. Remember that you are trying to create a vibe that is fun and not one that creates an aura of austerity.

Materials and Types of Clothing

It is also good to choose clothing made of materials that will give you some breathing space so that you can enjoy the outfit better. Besides in order to create a preppy look your clothing need not necessarily be figure hugging at all. Don’t go too baggy but choose the right amount of balance between tight fitted and just baggy. When it comes to types of clothing you really need not restrict yourself at all. Any outfit can be made to look preppy if you know how to accessorize it and how you should wear it. For example, you should consider buying some silk tshirts for sale and pairing them with short fitted skirts. Long flared gypsy print skirts, overalls, shorts or Capri pants. All of these will work really well together.


The right accessories are what will polish off your look. Check for hairstyles that go well with preppy looks. Some examples would be braids, chignons, pony or pigtails and messy buns. Loose hair works well too. You should also wear footwear that matches and if you want to, you can use bracelets and the likes to accentuate the look. But remember not to overdo it if you want to maintain that freshness of the look. You should also use the right shades of lip and eye colour that will complement your skin and perhaps maybe one major colour in the outfit that you are wearing.

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