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Cool Denim Trends For 2019


Denim is a fashion staple and almost if not all closets, have a denim piece. Jeans, skirts, shorts, and jackets made out of denim are not just always in style but are also preferred by many because of their functionality and low maintenance attributes. Denim is flexible and has the ability to provide coverage for arms when made as a jacket and for the legs when worn as jeans. It also doesn’t wrinkle as easily as other fabrics. It is also lightweight but could still provide warmth during spring and or fall.

With these many advantages, its no wonder denim is still trendy. For 2019, there are just 6 things you need to consider when shopping for denim.

Skinny Jeans Are Out

The denim trend for 2019 when it comes to jeans is now low hung straight jeans. These low hung jeans sit above your hipbones making them comfortable even if you wear them daily. They have this relaxed and effortless feel that you could just wear them whenever and wherever. But don’t toss those skinnies just yet. We all know that fashion is always coming back and who knows those skinnies would be again trendy after a few years.

Extra Detail

Another denim trend that has seen a rise in this year in popularity is extra details in the hem. There are denim jeans that could be tied at the hem or other designs such as feather embellishments, slits or satiny ribbons that provide an unexpected surprise to the usual denim jeans.


Pintuck is a pattern of ridges sewn by tucking the fabric and sewing it in at an interval. For denim, it is usually done along with the pockets or sewn straight to create an illusion of longer legs. If you are planning to sew your own jeans, buy denim fabric melbourne and don’t forget to sew pintucks on. They could seem casual, yet look like you made an effort to dress up.


Embroidery makes your denim extra special and extra unique. Adding embroidery softens the look of structured denim and balances the feminine and somehow masculine feel of the fabric.

Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda denim shorts are among the favorite trends for denim in 2019. Paired up with strappy sandals and it is perfect for an afternoon errand. But paired with heels you could wear it for a night out painting the town red.


Tie dyes are fun to wear because of their fun design which is always an unexpected pattern no matter if you dye the fabric the same way. The colors would always blend differently and the end result would not always be the same. So if you tie dye your denims to be trendy for this year, chances are, your piece would be one of a kind.

In the past, double denim is considered to be a major faux pas. But since denim is so popular and so wearable, donning denim jeans and jacket is now acceptable. If you would try to pull off this look which could be a bit tricky, make sure that you choose pieces that aren’t clashing and most flattering for you.

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