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Colourful Dress Shades to Consider For Your Wedding


As Old As the Sands of Time

The colour white has been a symbol of purity, innocence and peace. Thus, it has been the ideal choice to present the loving and dedicated picture of womanhood to the man who is about to take his wife for life. Although in some countries, white is worn for funerals, the traditional white wedding dress has been followed for many generations now. But changing times lead to changing trends, so if you ever dreamed of a not-so-white wedding, then lucky you! Your dreams are about to come true.

Out With the Old, In With the New!

With the latest trends that are showcasing colourful weddings, the modern bride has many choices from a wide selection of popular colours and styles. Moreover, designers are willing to compromise their whims to your fantasies and build on the theme of your choice. No more worries about rigid cultural norms because your wedding dress is going to be focused on making you look and feel extra special and beautiful.

So take your time and pick out a dress that will bring out your true colours.

Radical, Romantic and Ravishing Red

In many Asian countries, red depicts the colour of the rising sun, prosperity and good fortune. Brides here are commonly seen to be wearing dark red dresses with rich gold work and jewellery. So it’s not entirely an unusual colour at all. In fact there are many places where you could shop for an affordable red wedding dress. Rich red silk dress with golden beads or coils will look glamorous on any bride. A red satin dress with black lace will give the ultra-chic look for a more modern theme. Not forgetting the beautiful bouquet of romantic red roses that will go with it.

Gold Is Not Old

Gold is a very popular colour in Middle Eastern weddings. It is not only a symbol of wealth but is also said to enhance a woman’s feminine nature. Not forgetting the fact that gold goes with all colours of natural stones and jewellery. There have been many celebrity weddings where the gold theme was a success. Nothing can beat the fully sequinned glittering gold lace dress for an unforgettable bridal. For a more subtle look, gold combined with black, grey or brown embroidered lace or net gives a rustic and charming look. A bouquet of white lilies would look perfect if they are your favourite flowers.

Shimmering Silver Sophistication

Nothing says modern more than the shimmering silver of a body-hugging sequinned dress or the flowing shiny stars in a long lace train with a full net skirt. Silver is slick and chic and goes with all flowers or other bouquet arrangements and would make a wonderful starlight themed wedding. You can shine like a star on your special day, if you want to go all out and modern.

Soft, Pastel shades

If you want to look different but still have reservations, you can go for pastel shades. Cream, grey, off-white are not far from tradition. Other colours like apple green, sky blue and soft pink are always popular and more feminine. There are many shades of purple if you’re a purple fan. These are romantic and sentimental, plus they you have a choice of natural flowers to suit each colour. Try an awesome autumn coloured theme if it’s your favourite season and you want to make a sensation too!

Rich Colours of Nature

For a creative and cute look, go for rich tones like emerald green, sapphire blue, turquoise, pretty pinks or sunflower yellow. These bold and beautiful colours can bring out the beauty in anyone and give you a unique dress that anyone will envy. As for flowers and jewellery, your choice is unlimited as these colours go with all natural elements you may want to hold.

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