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Choosing the Right Shoes for the Right Occasion


Shoes are one of the favourite accessories among women. However, the more shoes you own, the more difficult it is to choose what to wear for various occasions. Or sometimes you just can’t decide whether you’ll be overdressed or not. So here are some ideas for those of you who are looking for tips to choose the best shoes for various occasions.

Official Wear

Along with official wear you should choose a pair of shoes that are both elegant and cosy. This is because you will be wearing these for 8-9 hours a day but still has to make a good impression. Strapped-on, laced and pump shoes with a good platform are the best choice. When choosing heels, go for a heel that you are comfortable in wearing. Beauty experts suggests that colours such as black, brown, beige or red are some of the must-have colours among someone’s office shoe collection. Select simple ones with minimal designs.

Parties/ Evening Outing

For events such as dinners, galas or cocktail parties, the ideal shoes are high heel shoes. Unlike what you will wear for work, it is alight for your shoes to be a little bit fancy. Pointed metallic shoes are a good option. Colours such as gold, silver are very popular with party outfits. Red and black stilettos are another two colours you can choose if you don’t want your shoes to be too flashy. The type of shoes you should wear also depend on you outfit therefore always make sure the colour of the outfit and its style matches the shoes.

Casual Outing

This is one occasion where you don’t need to go for fancy shoes and instead choose only what you are comfortable with. If you are wearing jeans, then there is a variety of shoes you can choose. You can go for the sporty/ tomboyish look with a pair of sneakers or make it more girly with a pair of gladiator sandals or pumps. Boots are also becoming very popular among the youth now. For example, boots and sandals by Billini footwear offer a variety of shoes for young women to choose from. With skirts or dresses to you can opt for boots or sandals. It is better to choose flat shoes or low heels if you are planning to walk a lot

Sports and Workout

One of the key rules when you are doing sports or working out is to make sure your sports kit fits you well and make your movements easy. This includes a pair of good sports shoes. Gym sneakers are the best type to go for but make sure you buy the right size. Too large ones will make it difficult for you to walk and too small ones will make your toes ache after a while. Loose fitting or too tight sneakers might sometime cause sprains in your ankle. Choose a pair of shoes that feels light on your feet so that you will not feel uncomfortable after a while of exercising.

The next time you have a fashion crisis over your shoes, take a look at these ideas. Follow these tips in order to look fabulous in every place you go.

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