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A Checklist to Help You Find a Suitable Venue


When planning a gathering, whether it’s for a wedding or corporate meeting, it’s important to look for a suitable venue. Here are a couple of details you can look for if you needed a quick run through.


Is your budget enough to cover the venue cost? It might be worth considering a cost range in choosing a venue. If this is a corporate affair, ask what is the budget for venue rental use this as a benchmark. However, if the cost is a little steep but suitable for the event, you can offload add this to your ticket’s cost.

Venue Space

If you have breakout sessions during the event, it might be best to have enough space for this. Exhibitor space and lobbies are some considerations to look into if it’s a sponsored event.


You’d want it to be as accessible and convenient as possible for your participants. Consider that they may be coming from different towns or countries. It would be better if the location is accessible for public transportation vehicles for those coming from the airport or nearby hotels.


Lights, sounds, and A/V equipment are some of the most crucial aspects to any engagement. Speakers for the event should be provided with good microphones and speakers audible enough to cover even the farthest side of the room. If you’re looking for a venue hire in Kilsyth, you can start looking through referrals from fellow event organizers. You can also look it up on the Internet and look into reviews from previous clients.

Matching The Theme

Most venues already provide chairs, tables, and linens for the event. You can take advantage of these and match it the desired theme. You can often save money from purchasing or renting additional linens and covers to match your desired theme.

Event Layout

Early in the planning phase, you need to have an idea about the event process. Event activities, amenities needed, additional services required (such as valet parking personnel and catering services if not supplied by the venue), and other necessities needed by your team and attendees should be anticipated.

You should look into the floor plan and check the set-up such as ‘break-out session’ rooms, electric outlets, and where the A/V equipment will be located.

Participants should come and go with ease. The flow of traffic should be ‘smooth’ and easy to move to and fro in the venue.


The venue should have an ambiance that is right for the event. Bright colors and laser lights are a little out of place for a corporate meeting. The architecture and theme should convey the spirit of what the event is all about.  If the venue doesn’t match your desired event theme, you may have to spend more to work on decorating.

Keeping Yourself Insured

Some venues won’t do business with you if you’re not insured. Some may require a certain amount of liability to be carried over as additional insurance. You can talk with your general with your insurance agent about this and ask for an endorsement. Starting early to plan for this would greatly prepare you from details such as this and keep you from moving forward with other necessities.

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