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4 Things To Practice In Your 20s To Avoid Droopy Skin In Your 40s


Probably you’ve got that gorgeous skin that you find easy to maintain. Perhaps you just need a basic touch of makeup, and you’re good to go. However, do you know that years of neglect can make your skin appear older than you are? That’s why you should have a basic skincare routine that’s primarily focused on the future of your skin. Here are seven things to add to your lifestyle to keep your skin looking young and healthy during the best part of your life.

1.  Drink Lots Of Water

Whatever practices you may follow, if you do not consume enough water daily, your skin will not be that happy. As the saying goes, water is your friend! It’s also the best friend of your skin, especially your facial skin. Although most cosmetic companies claim that they have the magic solution to transform your skin back to its good old days, drinking water as a habit from your younger days is the best and the least expensive solution that you have.

2.  Protect Your Skin From The Sun

Do you covet those gorgeous tans perfected by the skinny-thin models that you see on magazine covers? You should totally avoid getting exposed to sunshine around midday as it’s when the ultraviolet radiation gets the most intense. Also, you should never sunbathe at noon even when you’re fully covered from head to toe in the most expensive sunscreen. Well, it doesn’t mean that you should stop putting on sunscreen. The effectiveness of sunscreen applied would wear out if you were exposed to the blazing, overhead sun for a longer period.

3. Don’t Leave Harmful Substances On Your Skin For Longer Than Necessary

Despite being a barrier against so many toxic substances, your skin does accumulate dead skin cells over time. These dead skin cells blend with damaging elements such as cosmetics and topical drugs, which results in your pores becoming clogged-down with time these might cause breakouts. A skin tightening clinic in Sydney may offer services such as removing these unwanted dead skin layers. However, you should only go for them if you’ve consulted your dermatologist.

4.  Stick To Your Nightly Skincare Routines

You should get used to a regular skincare routine, at least once you exceed your early twenties! Don’t neglect your skin just to invest your time in other trivial matters. If you need to succeed in other areas of your life, you should first take care of yourself. Prioritize your bodily needs and wants, and it will undoubtedly look after yourself.

Find time at night to gently exfoliate your skin, so that the dead skin cells and all its unhealthy accumulations get removed. You should always remind yourself to use a toner to close up the pores that get opened when you exfoliate. Moreover, invest in a moisturizer that suits your skin type, you’ll never regret it!

If you foster healthy skincare routines in your early twenties, you will look your best in your forties.

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